About us

Chris and Caren at the Art at the Pick event in Phoenixville

The Big Bang

What happens when a Chicago creative bumps into a Philly creative?  An artistic reaction of epic proportions which produces some of the most unique creations this side of the universe.

The Formation

C2 Creative is the brain-child of Dr. Christopher M. Trimby, Ph.D. and Caren Meehan-Kolter.  C2 Creative was brought forth to life through Chris and Caren's slightly inappropriate obsession with the macabre, a mutual appreciation of classic cult cinema, the desire to make things better, and an uncontrollable urge to create.

The Evolution

C2 Creative utilizes a multitude of different media to create original works of art and to expand on already imagined ideas.  Collaboration, innovation, and creative passion are the driving forces behind C2, and it is those forces that help make each creation a unique one.

About our creations

Shadow Boxes





Customized Items